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Video/Childhood & Adolescence

What to make of a Riot Grrrl? A snapshot of feminism and high school in the 1990s

18 minutes


Indescribable you

Can novelists or psychologists better capture the strange multitude of realities in every human self?

Carlin Flora

Video/Stories & Literature

A story is like a black box – you put the reader in there: George Saunders on storytelling

7 minutes


Moral luck

Two people drive drunk at night: one kills a pedestrian, one doesn't. Does the unlucky killer deserve more blame or not?

Robert J Hartman


Magic from the mundane – paper towels flourish in the hands of a coffeeshop artist

2 minutes


First impressions count

A judgment of competence is made in a tenth of a second on the basis of facial features. Thus political decisions are made

Alexander Todorov

Idea/Cognition & Intelligence

What know-it-alls don’t know, or the illusion of competence

Kate Fehlhaber


Pigs, parrots and people: the problem of animal personality

Antone Martinho

Video/Love & Friendship

Meeting your boyfriend’s family is hard. Agata must travel 3,000 miles. And she’s blind

13 minutes

Video/Social Psychology

Never judge a book by its cover. But what about people and their faces?

12 minutes


How arrogance can make even an obnoxious person popular

Joel Robbins

Video/Values & Beliefs

How a millionaire traded his wealth for happiness – and a shoeshine box

4 minutes


The Phineas Gage effect

When someone changes for the worse, we see a totally different person. But what happens if the change is for the better?

Kevin Tobia


Obsession and electricity: a scientist chases the origins of life in the lab

16 minutes


How a focus on the present moment has given David Hockney many lives

7 minutes

Essay/Social Psychology

Group smarts

Groupthink can be stultifying. So how do the most successful groups elicit collective intelligence from their members?

Jane C Hu

Idea/Childhood & Adolescence

How summer camps and Scout groups turn children into citizens

Benjamin Jordan

Idea/Social Psychology

Liberal academics are ‘open’ but are they truly tolerant?

Mark Brandt

Video/Mood & Emotion

Kindness as self-defence – the power of ‘non-complementary behaviour’

8 minutes


Sex, drugs and late nights: on night owls and psychopaths

Minna Lyons


At the world’s largest gathering of twins, everyone is part of a double act

7 minutes


The Dull Men’s Club: where being extraordinarily ordinary is celebrated

15 minutes

Video/Film & Television

Squirm, laugh, judge – but reality TV school is not quite what you think

23 minutes

Essay/Cognition & Intelligence

Playing games for real

My father was hopelessly, joyously addicted to gambling and I his moral critic. How did I end up playing pro blackjack?

Marina Benjamin

Video/Mood & Emotion

The candid, surprising stories of a tower block’s residents emerge in the lift

25 minutes


Head to head

Michelangelo and Raphael; Leibniz and Newton; Constable and Turner. Does every creative genius need a bitter rival?

Jacob Burak

Video/Cognition & Intelligence

How do you get a robot to seem more like a human? You make it a liar robot

4 minutes

Essay/Philosophy of Mind

I am not a story

Some find it comforting to think of life as a story. Others find that absurd. So are you a Narrative or a non-Narrative?

Galen Strawson

Video/Meaning & the Good Life

Can negativism sweeten life’s small joys in the face of illness and death?

5 minutes

Video/Mood & Emotion

The inventive absurdity of Chuck Jones, creator of ‘Looney Tunes’

9 minutes