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Essay/Consciousness & Altered States

Model hallucinations

Psychedelics have a remarkable capacity to violate our ideas about ourselves. Is that why they make people better?

Philip Gerrans & Chris Letheby

Idea/Illness & Disease

Fatal nurture: what a rare disorder says about ‘bad mothers’

Chris Millard

Idea/Mental Health

Psychopaths have feelings: can they learn how to use them?

Arielle Baskin-Sommers

Video/Demography & Migration

The island where 50 million crabs roam free and refugees are trapped in limbo

21 minutes


Born of pain, filled with power – a teenage girl’s art that confronts in order to heal

6 minutes

Video/Mental Health

Artistic genius and fragility intersect in this surreal, Oscar®-winning animation

14 minutes

Video/Law & Justice

‘Continuously, silently screaming’ – the profound agony of solitary confinement

5 minutes

Essay/Law & Justice

Why men rape

It’s not a profound mystery, or explained by deep psychosocial complexity. For rapists, rape is easy. And that must stop

Sandra Newman


A happy life is built on pleasures such as sex and food, but also company and variety

7 minutes

Video/Mental Health

An elderly man dedicates himself to saving lives at Japan’s ‘suicide cliffs’

40 minutes


‘This is post-traumatic growth’: how one artist painted over her rape

4 minutes


Can writing an 11,000-page autobiographical thesis cure addiction?

16 minutes

Essay/Mental Health

The lizard inside

Like a reptile lodged within me, paranoia hatches unbelievable conspiracies that my mind embraces with stunning naivety

Roberta Payne

Video/Mind & Body

On the run from the electromagnetic fields of everyday technology

14 minutes


The fugue of life: why complexity matters in neuroscience

Joel Frohlich

Idea/Mental Health

The divine fire of Philip K Dick’s religious visions

Kyle Arnold


Don’t think too positive

Fantasies about the future have a troubling effect on achieving actual goals. If positive thinking doesn’t work, what does?

Gabriele Oettingen


When is art a better tool for understanding mental illness than science?

8 minutes


Don’t beat yourself up

Learning to be kind to yourself when you (inevitably) make mistakes could have a remarkable effect on your happiness

Mark Leary

Video/Mental Health

A recluse creates a dreamworld in miniature to grapple with his world at large

9 minutes

Video/Medical Ethics

What it’s like to stand by your daughter in her choice to die

18 minutes


Psychiatry is due for a revolution in diagnosis and treatment through brain science

4 minutes

Idea/Mental Health

Violence stalks the American Dream like a badass cowboy

Jean Kim


Riding the wind

Hot and bothersome or exhilarating and wild: winds blow through the mind as strongly as they blow through the landscape

Karen Emslie

Idea/Psychiatry & Psychotherapy

To heal trauma from childhood, relive the neglect and abuse

Pamela Garber

Video/Psychiatry & Psychotherapy

China’s first depression support group helps where society and state fail

11 minutes

Essay/Mental Health

The company you keep

Hallucinated voices can be helpful life guides, muses of creativity, and powerful agents for healing the fractured self

Shruti Ravindran

Essay/Architecture & Landscape

Streets with no game

Boring cityscapes increase sadness, addiction and disease-related stress. Is urban design a matter of public health?

Colin Ellard


Was I raped?

Brutal assaults by strangers are unambiguous. But what should a woman do when she is the victim of an ‘almost rape’?

Tove K Danovich

Video/Psychiatry & Psychotherapy

Have mental health diagnoses lost sight of the human beings they seek to treat?

3 minutes