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Video/Philosophy of Science

How LSD helped a scientist find beauty in a peculiar and overlooked form of life

6 minutes


The tree of knowledge is not an apple or an oak but a banyan

Jonardon Ganeri


Models are always imperfect, and the ones we choose greatly shape our experience

3 minutes

Idea/Philosophy of Science

Why children ask ‘Why?’ and what makes a good explanation

Matteo Colombo

Idea/History of Science

The missing fossils matter as much as the ones we have found

Adrian Currie & Derek Turner

Idea/History of Ideas

How fashion moves philosophy forward

J Bradley Studemeyer

Video/Philosophy of Science

‘Falsification’ ruled 20th-century science. Does it need revision in the 21st?

2 minutes


What makes a magnet? A balletic, visual exploration of electromagnetic force

3 minutes

Idea/History of Science

Reporters should ask themselves: ‘What would Einstein do?’

Thomas Levenson

Essay/Social Psychology

Truth in stereotypes

Social scientists dismiss them, but rather than being universally inaccurate, stereotypes are often grounded in reality

Lee Jussim


Maths notation is needlessly complex. It can and should be better

8 minutes


From relativity to quantum theory – our physical world explored through coffee

9 minutes

Idea/Philosophy of Science

Why science needs to break the spell of reductive materialism

Stuart Kauffman


Why is simpler better?

Ockham’s Razor says that simplicity is a scientific virtue, but justifying this philosophically is strangely elusive

Elliott Sober


The great mystery of mathematics is its lack of mystery

Scott Aaronson

Idea/Philosophy of Science

Galileo’s reputation is more hyperbole than truth

Thony Christie

Idea/Philosophy of Science

Chess is not a sport but a game. So what’s the difference?

David Papineau

Essay/Philosophy of Science

Epic fails

Great theories can spend decades waiting for verification. Failed theories do too. Is there any way to tell them apart?

Thomas Levenson

Essay/Philosophy of Science

The cold fusion horizon

Is cold fusion truly impossible, or is it just that no respectable scientist can risk their reputation working on it?

Huw Price

Idea/Philosophy of Science

Cosmologists should be more skeptical of dark matter

Stuart Clark


Paradigms lost

Science is not a ‘body of knowledge’ – it’s a dynamic, ongoing reconfiguration of knowledge and must be free to change

David P Barash

Video/Philosophy of Science

Richard Feynman on why science adds beauty in the Universe: it does not subtract

5 minutes

Video/Philosophy of Science

Our existence is both cosmically trivial and linked to everything that ever was

7 minutes

Video/History of Ideas

Was there any before, before the Big Bang?

6 minutes

Video/Philosophy of Religion

How wonder – the linchpin of inspiration and inquiry – makes humans unique

4 minutes


Why things happen

Either cause and effect are the very glue of the cosmos, or they are a naive illusion due to insufficient math. But which?

Mathias Frisch


What separates life from death? The line is fuzzier than we might expect

6 minutes


In the beginning

Cosmology has been on a long, hot streak, racking up one imaginative and scientific triumph after another. Is it over?

Ross Andersen


Possible creatures

It seemed Darwin had banished biological essences – yet evolution would fail without nature’s library of Platonic forms

Andreas Wagner

Essay/Philosophy of Science

Too many worlds

Nobody knows what happens inside quantum experiments. So why are some so keen to believe in parallel universes?

Philip Ball