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Video/Progress & Modernity

Two young Bushmen grapple with the possibility of transitioning to modern lives

29 minutes


If money can make you happy, does debt make you sad?

Cassondra Batz


The slow professor can dish out a more nutritious education

Barbara Seeber & Maggie Berg


Why the most successful students have no passion for school

Jihyun Lee

Video/Dance & Theatre

Passion, precision and swagger: join an Oscar®-winning flamenco masterclass

29 minutes


Child’s play

The authoritative statement of scientific method derives from a surprising place — early 20th-century child psychology

Henry Cowles


Teaching philosophy at school isn’t just good pedagogy – it helps to safeguard society

5 minutes


Why schools should not teach general critical-thinking skills

Carl Hendrick


Coeducation at university was – and is – no triumph of feminism

Nancy Weiss Malkiel


Some people really are wired better for learning languages

Angela Grant

Essay/Childhood & Adolescence

The end of adolescence

In the 20th century it offered a bridge from the innocence of childhood to the responsibilities of adult life. Not any more

Paula S Fass

Idea/Earth Science

Keeping kids frenetically entertained is ruining our museums

Brian Switek


The examined life

Students are working harder than ever to pass tests but schools allow no time for true learning in the Socratic tradition

John Taylor


Before Indiana Jones came Abraham Hyacinthe Anquetil-Duperron

Blake Smith

Idea/Politics & Government

The right to vote should be restricted to those with knowledge

Jason Brennan


Without tenure, professors become terrified sheep

Alice Dreger

Idea/Childhood & Adolescence

How summer camps and Scout groups turn children into citizens

Benjamin Jordan

Essay/Cultures & Languages

Street talk

People who can switch between street dialects and standard language might have the same cognitive advantage as bilinguals

Michael Erard

Idea/History of Ideas

Not all things wise and good are philosophy

Nicholas Tampio

Essay/Internet & Communication

And their eyes glazed over

My college students are never entirely present in class, addicted to texts and tech. Is there any hope left for learning?

Joelle Renstrom


What I learned as a hired consultant to autodidact physicists

Sabine Hossenfelder


In praise of Dewey

He knew how to protect democracy – not by rote and rules but by growing independent-minded kids. Let us not forget it

Nicholas Tampio


Maths notation is needlessly complex. It can and should be better

8 minutes

Essay/History of Science

Spot the WEIRDo

Too much research is done on Western, Educated, Industrialised, Rich and Democratic students. Can science widen its base?

Robert Colvile

Idea/Social Psychology

How statistics are twisted to obscure public understanding

Jonathan R Goodman

Idea/Childhood & Adolescence

Why kids can learn more from tales of fantasy than realism

Deena Skolnick Weisberg


Schooled in nature

There’s a way to teach children without colonising their minds: the lifelong way of the indigenous people of Mexico

Jay Griffiths


Teaching ‘grit’ is bad for children, and bad for democracy

Nicholas Tampio

Idea/Politics & Government

Do conservative think tanks help to balance policy debates?

Jason Stahl

Video/Politics & Government

See real democracy in action – how Chinese third-graders elect a class monitor

34 minutes