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Essay/Social Psychology


Prejudice remains a huge social evil but evidence for harm caused by microaggression is incoherent, unscientific and weak

Scott O Lilienfeld


Who is a sportswoman?

Elite female athletes are subjected to invasive gender tests, and hormone treatments if they fail. This is deeply unfair

Silvia Camporesi

Video/Gender & Sexuality

In southern Mexico, a long-acknowledged ‘third gender’ is not masculine or feminine

9 minutes

Essay/Family Life

How to be a patriarch

His duties are many, his challenges weighty, but his glory can be great. A guide to family management, by a Roman nobleman

Marcus Sidonius Falx & Jerry Toner

Video/Gender & Sexuality

A boy wants to wear a red dress in a photo with his dad, but doesn’t quite dare

9 minutes

Video/Earth Science

Battling sexism and dissension, Marie Tharp changed how we understand the Earth

5 minutes


Coeducation at university was – and is – no triumph of feminism

Nancy Weiss Malkiel


Why women with heart disease get a raw deal in medicine

Valeria Morabito

Idea/Fertility, Pregnancy and Childbirth

Can surrogacy ever escape the taint of global exploitation?

Katharine Dow

Video/Mood & Emotion

Can any of these four men shed tears on command? The psychology of the ‘guy cry’

4 minutes


Is motherhood gendered?

For a new generation of trans parents and their children, the meaning of motherhood is undergoing a thorough renovation

Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore

Video/Fairness & Equality

On breasts, beauty and being a female journalist in the women’s movement

6 minutes


The struggle of women in science is written in the stars

Leila A McNeill

Idea/Poverty & Development

Girls of the global South can’t fix the world alone

Shenila Khoja-Moolji

Essay/Gender & Sexuality

Gender is not a spectrum

The idea that ‘gender is a spectrum’ is supposed to set us free. But it is both illogical and politically troubling

Rebecca Reilly-Cooper


How young Bosnian men are learning to separate masculinity from violence

9 minutes

Essay/History of Science

The sexism problem

Harassment drove me out of physics 30 years ago and little has changed. Why is scientific sexism so intractable?

Margaret Wertheim


The invention of the paper bag was a triumph of feminism

Hadley Meares

Essay/Human Rights

Red-hot gay marriage

Gay liberation didn’t begin with marches and political rallies, but with a revolution in thought

Jim Downs


Sexy beasts

Male flamboyance does more than ruffle a few feathers – it helps the female choose a mate in top metabolic health

Alex Riley


How university students infantilise themselves

Jonathan Zimmerman


Did you cry in astronaut training? and other dumb questions put to Sally Ride

7 minutes

Video/Gender & Sexuality

Melvin is 11 and gay. What will he say to the girl who’s in love with him?

19 minutes

Essay/Human Rights

Bring back Women’s Lib

Modern feminism seeks equality with men. But in a dysfunctional society, that is nowhere near enough

Livia Gershon


Defying social pressure, a woman commits herself to lobster fishing and the sea

11 minutes

Video/Fairness & Equality

How can scientific institutions shake their sexist legacies?

7 minutes


Science needs more average, non-white, non-male scientists

Matthew Francis


Rise of the humanities

Professors worry about the ‘crisis in the humanities’. But more people than ever, especially women, are studying them

Peter Mandler

Essay/Poverty & Development

Men at work

The age of austerity has transformed work, but what it means to be a man has not caught up

Allison J Pugh



Caitlyn Jenner identifies as a woman, Rachel Dolezal as black. Why should one be legitimate and the other condemned?

Katharine Quarmby