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The courage and determination that fuelled Wendell Scott, NASCAR’s first black driver

3 minutes


Conspicuous consumption is over. It’s all about intangibles now

Elizabeth Currid-Halkett

Idea/Law & Justice

How men continue to interrupt even the most powerful women

Tonja Jacobi & Dylan Schweers

Idea/Fairness & Equality

Marriage should not come with any social benefits or privileges

Vicki Larson

Idea/Fairness & Equality

Hierarchy is either strictly constrained or it is indefensible

Philip Pettit

Essay/Fairness & Equality

In defence of hierarchy

As a society we have forgotten how to talk about the benefits of hierarchy, expertise and excellence. It's time we remembered

Stephen C Angle, Kwame Anthony Appiah, Julian Baggini and others

Idea/Political Philosophy

Simone de Beauvoir’s political philosophy resonates today

Skye C Cleary


Who is a sportswoman?

Elite female athletes are subjected to invasive gender tests, and hormone treatments if they fail. This is deeply unfair

Silvia Camporesi

Video/Gender & Sexuality

In southern Mexico, a long-acknowledged ‘third gender’ is not masculine or feminine

9 minutes

Video/Fairness & Equality

How the one-child policy created a Chinese underclass of 13 million people with no rights

15 minutes


Black atheists matter: how women freethinkers take on religion

Christopher Cameron

Essay/Family Life

Jamie’s place

Like any adult, my son wants to work, travel and socialise, and his Down syndrome won’t stop him. But can he live independently?

Michael Bérubé


Why women with heart disease get a raw deal in medicine

Valeria Morabito

Idea/Politics & Government

The right to vote should be restricted to those with knowledge

Jason Brennan

Essay/Law & Justice

What kind of citizen was he?

Conventional wisdom sees Socrates as a martyr for free speech, but he accepted his death sentence for a different cause

Josiah Ober

Video/Fairness & Equality

On breasts, beauty and being a female journalist in the women’s movement

6 minutes


‘Never wear a hoodie’ and other crucial rules for birding while black

2 minutes

Essay/Human Rights

Red-hot gay marriage

Gay liberation didn’t begin with marches and political rallies, but with a revolution in thought

Jim Downs

Idea/Fairness & Equality

Myths about red hair are rooted in fear of difference

Jacky Colliss Harvey


Temple Grandin on the connection between autism and genius

6 minutes


Did you cry in astronaut training? and other dumb questions put to Sally Ride

7 minutes

Idea/Human Rights

Land and the roots of African-American poverty

Keri Leigh Merritt

Idea/Family Life

If babies were randomly allocated to families would racism end?

Howard Rachlin & Marvin Frankel

Essay/Human Rights

Bring back Women’s Lib

Modern feminism seeks equality with men. But in a dysfunctional society, that is nowhere near enough

Livia Gershon

Video/Fairness & Equality

How can scientific institutions shake their sexist legacies?

7 minutes

Essay/Fairness & Equality

Lessons of Demopolis

Wisdom from classical Greece: democracy and liberalism are both better off if we understand the difference between them

Josiah Ober

Idea/Political Philosophy

Only the most noxious of speakers should be banned on campus

Monica Richter

Idea/Human Rights

Reducing the US prison population is but a small step

Joshua M Price

Essay/War & Conflict

Are they forgivable?

In a national act of redemption, Rwanda aims to embrace 30,000 perpetrators of mass ethnic slaughter now returning home

Kenneth Miller

Idea/Political Philosophy

Democracies fail when they ask too little of their citizens

Stephen Cave