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Ancient ruins keep being ‘discovered’: were they ever lost?

Christopher Begley


It’s not that your teeth are too big: your jaw is too small

Peter Ungar


The scalp from Sand Creek

Even after museums return human remains pillaged from a massacre in 1864, can repatriation heal the wounds of history?

Chip Colwell


Eating people is wrong – but it’s also widespread and sacred

Ben Thomas

Video/Social Psychology

Never judge a book by its cover. But what about people and their faces?

12 minutes


‘Brand consultant’? ‘PR researcher’? Why the ‘bullshit jobs’ era needs to end

4 minutes


How arrogance can make even an obnoxious person popular

Joel Robbins


How footprints trapped in time unlocked a mystery of early hominids

8 minutes

Idea/Social Psychology

People are intensely loyal to groups which abuse newcomers. Why?

Christopher Kavanagh


How our contradictions make us human and inspire creativity

David Berliner

Video/Demography & Migration

How we became more than 7 billion – humanity’s population explosion, visualised

6 minutes

Video/History of Technology

Mongolian nomads building a traditional yurt is a master class in cooperation

2 minutes

Idea/Stories & Literature

Why Sasquatch and other crypto-beasts haunt our imaginations

Ed Simon


It never was golden

‘The good old days’ is a virulent falsehood that infects those whose defences have been weakened by fear and insecurity

Alan Jay Levinovitz

Idea/Human Evolution

Anthropology is far from licking the problem of fossil ages

Paige Madison

Video/Cultures & Languages

‘Grief bacon’ and other untranslatable words for the highs and lows of love

4 minutes

Idea/Demography & Migration

How DNA traced the Ashkenazic Jews to northeastern Turkey

Eran Elhaik


Schooled in nature

There’s a way to teach children without colonising their minds: the lifelong way of the indigenous people of Mexico

Jay Griffiths


Magic bowls of antiquity

Ancient Babylonia’s magic bowls offer a glimpse into the society of the Talmud, and today’s shadowy antiquities market

Samuel Thrope

Idea/Gender & Sexuality

Human sex is not simply male or female. So what?

Courtney Addison & Samuel Taylor-Alexander


Did Easter Island culture collapse? The answer is not simple

Christopher Kavanagh

Idea/Virtual Reality

Virtual fossils revolutionise the study of human evolution

Doug Boyer

Video/Cognition & Intelligence

Beware your shower! Why the risks that matter most can be those you notice least

2 minutes


Slaves of history

If you descend from slaves in Senegal, your shame is an open secret and your life limited by stigma and disrespect

Jori Lewis


Catalonia’s human towers are monuments to strength, co-operation and tradition

3 minutes


This stylish 1957 film explores mortality and memory on Mexico’s Day of the Dead

15 minutes


Trial by fire

From fire-walking to the ice-bucket challenge, ritual pain and suffering forge intense social bonds

Dimitris Xygalatas

Video/Old Age & Death

Dolls replace former residents in a remote, depopulating Japanese village

6 minutes


Families made us human

The evolution of human culture can be explained, not by the size of our brains, but by the quality of our relationships

Stephen T Asma

Video/Ecology & Environmental Sciences

Experience winter’s end and spring’s dawn in northern Greenland

4 minutes