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Essay/Technology & the Self

Natural, shmatural

Mother Nature might be lovely, but moral she is not. She doesn’t love us or want what’s best for us

Molly Hodgdon


Can we prepare for the ethical issues surrounding future discoveries?

7 minutes


We made a minimal cell and began a synthetic-life revolution

Dan Gibson



Half-human soldiers, robot servants and eagle drones – the Greeks got there first. Could an AI learn from their stories?

Adrienne Mayor

Essay/Energy, Resources, & Sustainability

Sunshine in a bottle

Mimic the dance between carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, and you can tap into clean solar energy and ease climate change

Peter Forbes


Biohackers should produce a microbial uberfood for the world

Dawn Field


Spray the DNA away – an artist’s stand against encroaching genetic surveillance

4 minutes

Video/Ecology & Environmental Sciences

How beautiful bioluminescent bacteria can expose invisible water pollution

3 minutes


How chameleons change colours not to blend in, but for nearly opposite reasons

4 minutes


The mini robots that may show how to ‘programme’ cells for improved performance

4 minutes


Why finding creative ways to end our reliance on meat may be a moral imperative.

3 minutes

Video/Ecology & Environmental Sciences

Will life-forms that can go a century without water save crops from droughts?

3 minutes


Why is a mathematician studying fungus?

3 minutes


Young blood

From teen-targeting vampires to Lady Báthory’s bloodbaths, we love stories of stolen youth. What if it were possible?

Jess Zimmerman


Prometheus Inc

Biotechnology and other life sciences promise to transform our health, identity, even our brains. Should we be worried?

Hilary Rose & Steven Rose


The vegan carnivore?

It’s made in a lab, no factory farms and no killing, but it’s still meat. Looks like we’ll need a whole new food ethics

Julian Baggini


An iCure?

Crowdfunding might catapult promising cancer treatments into clinical trials, but can it make a real difference?

Alexander Masters


Beauteous beasts

Humans have been breeding animals for beauty for centuries. But should we draw the line at genetically modified pets?

Emily Anthes


Beyond belief

Unreason, like the poor, will always be with us. But why does quackery survive when science is making life better?

Michael Hanlon