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Populism now divides, yet once it united the working class

Adrienne Petty

Idea/Stories & Literature

Black stories matter: on the whiteness of children’s books

Andrea Adomako

Essay/Social Psychology


Prejudice remains a huge social evil but evidence for harm caused by microaggression is incoherent, unscientific and weak

Scott O Lilienfeld


The courage and determination that fuelled Wendell Scott, NASCAR’s first black driver

3 minutes

Video/Poverty & Development

Pride, poverty and rapture in an Appalachian mining community where the jobs are gone

25 minutes


The brain-heart dialogue shows how racism hijacks perception

Manos Tsakiris


The night when straight white males tried to kill disco

Hadley Meares


Why the Nazis studied American race laws for inspiration

James Q Whitman


Black atheists matter: how women freethinkers take on religion

Christopher Cameron

Video/Politics & Government

What would 2,000 miles of a US-Mexico border fence actually look like?

7 minutes


US law has long seen people of African descent as fugitives

Manisha Sinha

Video/Law & Justice

Can video of the police shooting an unarmed civilian ever be viewed objectively?

30 minutes


Black conservatives do not speak for the black majority

Leah Wright Rigueur


From identity politics to medicine, the DNA revolution demands a new bioethics

6 minutes


‘Never wear a hoodie’ and other crucial rules for birding while black

2 minutes


Why this Southern conservative supports Black Lives Matter

John D Wilsey


How university students infantilise themselves

Jonathan Zimmerman

Video/Social Psychology

The son of a Holocaust survivor grapples with the possibility of forgiving evil

10 minutes

Idea/Demography & Migration

The French football team and the contest for a diverse nation

Tony Karon

Essay/Demography & Migration

Roots and genes

‘Roots’ sparked an African-American quest for identity through family history. Does DNA finally provide firm grounds?

Alondra Nelson


Science needs more average, non-white, non-male scientists

Matthew Francis



Caitlyn Jenner identifies as a woman, Rachel Dolezal as black. Why should one be legitimate and the other condemned?

Katharine Quarmby


A young French boy leaves forever the African village that is his home

10 minutes


The school of failure

The worst public schools do one thing very well – they teach poor black kids how to stay in the American underclass

D Watkins


A black calf roper challenges the American West’s myths at the rodeo

6 minutes

Video/Poverty & Development

A South African township is vibrantly resilient despite the scars of apartheid

18 minutes

Essay/Human Rights

A change is gonna come

The great civil rights song turns 50 – the political made personal, and heartbreak transmuted into fiery action

Manjula Martin

Video/Politics & Government

LBJ’s archived phone calls show the more enervating sides of power

9 minutes


Sorry but not sorry

No longer the hardest word, a public apology is now the defence strategy of the rich and powerful. Can it still do good?

Nick Smith

Essay/Data & Information

The other half

To end inequality, we must realise that it isn’t about the rich, it’s about the poor. And we know almost nothing about them

Claire Melamed