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Video/History of Technology

What does innovation sound like? For a century, typewriters chattered an evolving story

21 minutes

Idea/History of Ideas

Before you can be with others, first learn to be alone

Jennifer Stitt

Essay/Cognition & Intelligence

Had a good think lately?

Not busy-work, ticking off to-do lists or keeping-up-with-stuff. Just sitting. And thinking. Is it so hard?

André Spicer

Essay/Technology & the Self

Natural, shmatural

Mother Nature might be lovely, but moral she is not. She doesn’t love us or want what’s best for us

Molly Hodgdon


Why I am not going to buy a cellphone

Philip Reed


The great cryptocurrency heist

Blockchain enthusiasts crave a world without bankers, lawyers or fat-cat executives. There's just one problem: trust

E J Spode

Idea/Technology & the Self

Why upgrading your brain could make you less human

Michael Bess

Idea/History of Technology

What the teleprompter tells us about truth, Trump and speech

Nana Ariel

Essay/Progress & Modernity

The makeover trap

From transgender celebrities to fitness fads, pop culture loves reinvention. But the drive to ‘find yourself’ has a dark side

Michael Lovelock

Video/Mind & Body

On the run from the electromagnetic fields of everyday technology

14 minutes

Idea/Consciousness & Altered States

Embedded beings: how we blended our minds with our devices

Saskia K Nagel & Peter B Reiner


What will we do when neuroimaging allows us to reconstruct dreams and memories?

4 minutes

Essay/Internet & Communication

The world wide cage

Technology promised to set us free. Instead it has trained us to withdraw from the world into distraction and dependency

Nicholas Carr

Essay/Cognition & Intelligence

Getting smarter

Brain-training games won’t boost your IQ, but a host of strategies can improve your cognitive abilities one piece at a time

Jeffrey M Zacks

Video/Technology & the Self

Can you get to know someone through visualisations of their personal data?

3 minutes

Idea/Digital Culture

Why watching people take selfies feels so awkward

Emmanuel Ordóñez Angulo

Essay/Stories & Literature

Silicon phoenix

A gifted child, an adventure, a dark time, and then ... a pivot? How Silicon Valley rewrote America’s redemption narrative

Kat McGowan

Idea/Progress & Modernity

Why does air conditioning make people blow hot and cold?

Salvatore Basile

Video/Automation & Robotics

If we are what we do, how can we stay human in an era of automation?

7 minutes


From life hacks to listicles, focusing on ‘productivity’ misses the point

6 minutes

Video/Digital Culture

We need interactive media not for more thrills but to grasp our world better

6 minutes

Essay/Internet & Communication

User behaviour

Websites and apps are designed for compulsion, even addiction. Should the net be regulated like drugs or casinos?

Michael Schulson


How perception leaves the door open for augmented reality to transform our world

4 minutes

Essay/History of Technology

The hand-held’s tale

For centuries, the powerful would never hold anything useful for themselves. How did devices become universal luxuries?

Joyce E Chaplin

Essay/Digital Culture

Humanist among machines

As the dreams of Silicon Valley fill our world, could the dowdy historian Arnold Toynbee help prevent a nightmare?

Ian Beacock

Video/Automation & Robotics

How the world’s first ‘recognised cyborg’ senses colour through sound

4 minutes


A street magician’s tricks make everyday technology magical and mysterious

4 minutes

Essay/Consciousness & Altered States

Hive consciousness

New research puts us on the cusp of brain-to-brain communication. Could the next step spell the end of individual minds?

Peter Watts

Essay/Data & Information

Fast-world values

For all the smart tech, we still feel pressed for time. Are digital services the problem, or are we humans to blame?

Judy Wajcman

Essay/Food & Drink

Freedom from food

It takes time to plan a meal, to say nothing of cooking and eating it. What if we could opt out of food altogether?

Nicola Twilley